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A Self-Directed IRA or 401K Arrangement or Account allows the account holder to have complete control over investment decisions and investments subject to certain IRS requirements. It allows the investor to invest in any of the following investments:

Unsecured Promissory Notes to corporations, law firms, and other business enterprises;
Notes secured by Deeds of Trust;
Loans to Homeowner Associations, including Fractional Interests or Participations;
Private Placements;
Equipment Leases;
Fractional Interests or Participations;
Rental Homes; or
Certain Coins

IRS regulations require that either a qualified custodian or trustee hold the assets on behalf of the IRA owner. This requirement exists for all self-directed and non-self-directed retirement plans.

Certain types of investments are prohibited as IRA and 401K investments. These prohibited investments include:

Life Insurance,
Stamps, and
Certain Coins

With the great tax advantages provided by IRAs and 401Ks, and the wide range of possible investments, it is possible to build wealth and secure your future faster than through other methods of investing. Most importantly, Self-Directed IRA and 401K Accounts are protected from creditors even in bankruptcy.

There are many large, qualified custodians and trustees available to assist investors in rolling over existing IRA and 401K Accounts into Self-Directed Accounts.