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Corporate Resolutions / Authorizations

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Your corporation, LLC or other business entity may need a written resolution to:

  • Open business bank accounts

  • Authorize signers on bank accounts

  • Rent a safe deposit box

  • Approve a contract

  • Adopt a fictitious business name

  • Approve a lease

  • Purchase property

  • Ratify an employee's authority

  • Ratify an employee's act

  • Ratify an employee's contract

  • Approve the disbursement of funds

  • Make a tax election

  • Authorize an audit or review

  • Select a tax year

  • Amend the Bylaws or Articles

  • Approve a hiring

  • Approve a compensation adjustment or bonus

  • Rescind an employee's authority

  • Sell property

  • Approve a business transaction between the business and an insider

  • Waive a conflict of interest

  • Approve a loan

  • Borrow funds

  • Approve an acquisition

  • Adopt a pension or retirement plan

  • Authorize a cash dividend

  • Issue stock for cash

  • Issue stock for property or services

  • Adopt a trademark

The business - corporate attorneys with Michael T. Chulak & Associates can assist you with drafting resolutions, minutes, contracts, or with any other business - corporate matter.